Types of Employees You Can Hire In Your Startup

Hiring and managing employees during the startup days is a daunting task. Veteran entrepreneurs can give you good advice throughout their experience. However, the final decision will be yours or you can lookout  any version of employee as per your startup requirements.

Typically, startups start working with an inadequate budget and don’t have so much money to go for finding and hiring the right talent. I had met one of mine friend a few days back who has started his Advertising & PR agency recently. When we were conversing, I came to know that she is not able to find the right talented candidates. She shared “Hiring employees for a startup is difficult as I don’t have enough funds to pay for full time talented employees. But I need three employees for different job roles on urgent base, so that I can reach more number of customers effectively.”

Haphazardly, if you hire the wrong talent, you may countenance other challenges. Sudhir Singh, Director , Sensation Software Solutions shares. “When we started, we hired two people  in the first month, but they leave within few days as they did not fit in our company work culture and fail to understand issues that we were facing at that stage. So, I contacted my friend, who was working with a MNC company but willing to do something in the same area. He showed interest to work with me and we both joined hands to work together. It was one of the best decisions I have had for my company in the initial days. He supported me with his expertise and we both get the all that we both were looking from each other.” He adds, “Today we have a big team of specialized persons to offer effective web applications for startups, SMEs and other businesses and serves across the world.”  Finding a right candidate take a long time. Tamaal Roy, CEO, Biomatiques Identification Solutions Pvt. Ltd shares, “In 1985 I ventured into IT field and performed multi roles initially. When I started looking for employees, I faced a number of different challenges. I have had conversation with different people for same profile and succeed to find a right talented first employee after 4 months.”  Today, Biomatiques has a latest range of iris scanners that give the highest level of accuracy. It became the first Indian company to revolutionize the iris recognition technology and helping various businesses across India.

Similarly for Arvind Saraf, Triveni Sarees MD, hiring good employees for its startup was also challenging. He says, “As I got busy with a number of things, so it was very difficult for me to hire staff within limited budget. I personally feel that every startup need right talent in order to ensure growth. He gives credit to all those employees who supported his startup.

Not only these entrepreneurs but every startup face the same challenges because they do not have enough budget to do business initially.

Here you can go for some creative ways to find employees within limited resources during the startup stage:

Hire Stay-at-home Talent

Though you need to take extra pains to find and sustain stay-at-home experienced talent , but it could be a secret weapon for your startup. Singh informs, “We hired few highly qualified right talented people for low cost and they work equal to full time staff.” However we avoid to assigning them time sensitive assignments.

Hit upon Retired Persons

When you are looking for managing your startup, retired persons could be a right solution as they can join your startup for less cost. Keep in mind, if you are not paying them enough funds, just offer them a flexible work atmosphere and understand their situation and health issues they may be dealing with because of their age.

Unpaid Interns

You can work together with some universities and business schools for employing  volunteer interns for your startup. Here you can find dazzling young minds who start working just for experience or completing their curriculum assignments during holidays. If you succeed to get work from them it could be win-win situation for your startup. You can offer them compensation to work with you on part time basis for a long time.

Offer Delayed Compensation 

Another effective solution could be persuade to offer a differed compensation after when you start getting business from your startup. However, you will need to encourage the right people to accept this deal and treat them like your business partner with partial stack sharing.

If you can afford to hire any other employee, you can do that because its never too late or too early to hire full time employees in any startup. However avoid hiring employees in abundance initially.

At last, whosoever is your startup team, keep them encouraging and motivating by giving all credit that they deserve. No body can stop you to be successful , if you have a strong employees support.